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2005 Wicked Tribe Spring Tour

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updated January 2006


You missed us . . . Right? Come on you know you did!  Below are a couple of pics to wet your whistle until we get everyone's together and do it up right.

Hats off to the tribal 'Chief' for all the hard work and planning before the ride and for making sure we all stayed together and had plenty of fun and food along the way . . . IT WAS FANTASTIC!

In case you're wondering, there were no personality issues nor were there any mechanical failures . . . well almost, but they were radio problems which did not adversely affect the trip (but they were a constant topic of discussion). We had extrordinary weather for the outbound journey and by and large the route and accomodations were excellent. The weather for the home bound leg was not nearly as nice but there were still many bright spots, weatherwise, scenery, routing, etc. I for one am ready to go again, maybe not the same route or destination but a long trip with these guys is not too hard to take!

Bob Held

All the bikes lined up under the famous "North to Alaska' sign

Bob's FJR at Mount Saint Helens

Failing light in the Grand Tetons

Sunset from the Bear Cove Cottages in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island